Specialist Adam L. Turcotte, United States Army, distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous conduct in the performance of his duties in the face of the enemy as a Cavalry Scout Gunner while serving with Able Troop, 1-32 Cavalry. At approximately 161620AUG06, SPC Turcotte's section was conducting an SOI engagement in the Muqdadiyah market when a female suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest among the dismounted patrol. The blast critically injured the Platoon Sergeant, Section and Squad leader leaving the patrol with little to no supervision.

From the moment the suicide bomber detonated herself, SPC Turcotte acted with complete disregard for his own safety. After the initial blast, SPC Turcotte immediately saw that his Section Sergeant, SSG Alexander, had been severely wounded by the blast and was laying next to a 55 gallon drum of burning fuel. He immediately dismounted his vehicle and without hesitation rushed into the fuel fire and small arms fire to drag SSG Alexander to safety resulting in second degree burns to the left side of his face. Despite the wounds he suffered, SPC Turcotte immediately began treating SSG Alexander's more severe wounds. After assessing the casualty, he applied a tourniquet to SSG Alexander's leg and applied pressure dressings to the multiple other wounds that he had suffered to his extremities. After stopping the profuse bleeding from SSG Alexander's legs, SPC Turcotte then noticed that the small arms fire had increased in intensity. He immediately got up from his position and began pulling SSG Alexander behind the cover of the vehicle. Once behind the vehicle, he continued giving emergency first aid and providing treatment, security, and encouragement to the wounded.

The Platoon continued receiving small arms fire from numerous positions around the vehicle's location. SPC Turcotte engaged the enemy several times providing suppressive fires that drove the AIF away until a more secure perimeter could be formed. He repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to assist a second casualty, giving him immediate first aid and moving him out of the line of fire. Once the Medevac helicopters landed, SPC Turcotte continued to expose himself to enemy fire while he rushed his wounded platoon members to the helicopters for evacuation. SPC Turcotte was evacuated to Balad later that day due to wounds he received throughout the engagement. Throughout the course of the engagement, SPC Turcotte's selfless actions undoubtedly saved the lives of SSG Alexander and his fellow Soldiers.

SPC Turcotte is a proven Cavalryman who demonstrated a complete disregard for his own safety and valorous dedication to his Soldiers. He embodies the true spirit of the Warrior Ethos and has demonstrated a superior ability to react calmly under extreme conditions. His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect distinct credit upon himself, 1-32 Cavalry Squadron, 1st Brigade Combat Team, Task Force Band of Brothers, and the United States Army.