U.S. ARMY HEALTH CLINIC - VICENZA, Italy - Are you or another TRICARE beneficiary getting care with a TRICARE network provider off post? Did you know the TRICARE Overseas Program has an official grievance process? (It can be used for compliments, too.)

Patient participation in this process ensures TRICARE gains valuable feedback regarding services provided in the overseas community.
Grievances may include topics such as quality of health care or services, behavior of providers, performance of care and patient safety concerns. Complaints and grievances can be filed by anyone, including a patient, family member, unit member, support staff or provider by email to TOPGlobalQualityAssu@internationalsos.com.

Patients may also submit a grievance by phone at +44 20-8762-8384 option 1 or option 4.

Remember to include contact information, including beneficiary name, address and telephone number, the individual or institutional provider's contact information, beneficiary's date of birth and a full description of the issue or concern, including date and times of the event(s).

The TRICARE area office works to resolve grievances within 60 days of receipt, according to the TRICARE Overseas Program website. More information about the grievance process is available at

Because the United States Army Health Center-Vicenza team cares about patients and wants to help facilitate an expedited response, it is important to keep them in the loop on a grievance or compliment by sending a copy of your submission to usarmy.vicenza.medcom-ermc.list.vzhc-patient-representative@mail.mil.

Anyone who needs assistance with completing the grievance process form, please see the health center patient advocate, Tamara Passut. Her office is located on the 2nd floor, Room 1C11 of the health center. Reach her also by calling DSN 636-9508. comm. 0444-61-9508.