By Aviation and Missile Command Public Affairs

The commander of the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) conveyed the importance of preparing for the next war -- wherever and whenever that may be - to approximately 120 senior industry executives in Richmond, Va.

Maj. Gen. Douglas Gabram spoke to the assembled executives at the Senior Executive Partnership Roundtable hosted by the Defense Logistics Agency, Aviation in Richmond. The roundtable was part of the DLA Day activities.

AMCOM develops and delivers responsive aviation, missile and calibration materiel readiness to the U.S. Army in order to optimize joint warfighter capabilities at the point of need. The success of our Soldiers in combat depends on AMCOM being successful in its mission. It all comes down to equipment and weapon systems readiness, Gabram explained.

"Everyone has been doing the same things for the last 16 years to support current operations. At the same time, we have to be prepared to support a large-scale combat operation that may arise," Gabram said. "That will require a more robust and streamlined supply chain.

AMCOM and DLA are working together to improve the supply chain.

"The key to success is to gather everyone at the same table to see the common operating picture," Gabram said. "Once we do that, we can drive forward to provide the top-quality support to our Soldiers on the front lines."

The event was led by the DLA Director, Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams, who spoke to the executives and Army leaders about how DLA is working to increase the visibility of all equipment and weapons systems readiness through a web-based dashboard. DLA's Enterprise Dashboard provides a near real-time view of readiness rates for three air and 10 ground systems operated by the military. The dashboard is a compilation of metrics from DLA systems and the Army's common operating picture, and is expected to help senior leaders improve readiness through close scrutiny of supply metrics like material available and backorder statuses.

"We are moving away from our current system and transitioning to the Army's supply system, DLA," Gabram said. "We are going to make this work through partnership and teamwork with DLA so that our Soldiers are ready to fight no matter where in the world that may be."