DoD Diversity Outreach Awards Program honors USASOC SoldierBy Staff Sgt. Eli Velazquez USASOC Public AffairsFORT BRAGG, N.C. -- As Soldiers, selfless service is about performing your duties without any expectation of an award. When recognized for your actions, it not only positively impacts you but others around you as well.Capt. Amie Foster's daily duties as 1st Special Forces Command Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Assault Reporting Program manager keep her occupied all day long, but her passion for supporting diversity efforts has earned her the 2018 Federal Asian Pacific American Council award."It's an honor to be nominated because I feel like I'm representing not only Asian and Pacific Americans in the Army, but my unit and USASOC as a whole," says Foster.Capt. Foster started a diversity speaker series at 1st Special Forces Command where key leaders speak on the ability to thrive in the work place amid cultural adversities. She is also on the board of directors for a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing the sport of lacrosse to teenage girls regardless of their financial means.The Diversity Outreach Awards Program recognizes the Department of Defense military service members and civilian employees for noteworthy contributions and achievements to mission accomplishments through diversity, leadership, and equal employment opportunities.Established in November 2010 as a comprehensive outreach strategy, the Army's aim with the Diversity Outreach Awards Program is to attract and recruit highly qualified personnel from diverse backgrounds, and in turn develop and retain these Soldiers."Having a program like the Diversity Outreach Awards Program brings awareness to USASOC as a whole and it truly highlights what we do," says Anthony Fuller, Special Emphasis Program Manager, U.S. Army Special Operations Command Equal Employment Opportunity Office."We have a lot of unsung heroes of who nobody really knows their story; this program will bring that to light, and it's also nice to get recognized," he added.This is an Army-wide approach to build stronger relationships with the nations diverse communities and support efforts to sustain the all-volunteer force in an environment of increasing diversity and constrained resources.Relationships with external organizations such as the Federal Asian Pacific American Council and the NAACP, allow DoD to diversify the awards program.Candidates are nominated by their peers based on their efforts in promoting diversity and leadership in advancing the mission of their service to serve the public. Honorees are awarded the Military Meritorious Service Award and invited to attend the organizations award ceremony.The effectiveness of outreach to diverse communities and these programs serves as an assessment process that will result in the Army and USASOC's continuous improvement in years to come. -30-