CAMP ZAMA, Japan (May 14, 2018 ) - Kan Saito, guard supervisor, Provost Marshal Office at Hardy Barracks, received a Distinguished Service Award, along with his father Masayuki Saito, May 9 from Tokyo Fire Department for helping to save a little boy's life."We value this act of courage so much and appreciate these two great people," said Hiromitsu Moro, assistant chief for Tokyo Fire Department.Saito and his father Masayuki Saito were in a Tokyo restaurant having dinner on April 20. As they were leaving, they noticed a crowd of people surrounding a mother panicking over her child.They immediately rushed over to find the young man unconscious. Saito began CPR procedures while his father went to get help."After I did mouth-to-mouth resuscitation three times, I heard the boy cough," said Saito. "He was revived, looking surprised, and that's when I realized the boy was saved."Thanks to Saito's, father M. Saito, the ambulance arrived to take the young man to the hospital to receive care.This was the second time Saito had performed CPR for an unconscious person. Saito said the first person was in his workplace and his heart had stopped, but he did not survive."That's why I was determined to save this boy's life," said Saito.Lt. Col. Barry Winnegan, director for U.S. Army Garrison Japan's Directorate of Emergency Services, said he is glad the training Saito received helped save someone's life."This shows our security guard forces are not just here to protect our U.S. bases; they are also valuable parts of the community," said Winnegan.