CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, TIKRIT, Iraq - Amidst the whir of band saws and the hum of generators, the Salah ad-Din Province deputy governors and more than 30 newly-elected members of the Provincial Council and their guests learned how U.S. Soldiers and Iraqis are working together for peace and prosperity in the province here April 20.

The visit included a tour of the Iraqi Based Industrial Zone, the Joint
Expeditionary Forensic Facility, and the headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Brigade
Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division. Coalition personnel showcased the progressive
development of the province through the partnership of Coalition forces and the
Provincial Government.

The day was designed to open the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team's door to
the new leaders of the Salah ad-Din province and to establish a good working
relationship between Coalition forces and the newly elected legislators.
The tour first stop was at the IBIZ facility, where council members received a
brief introduction to what the program is doing to improve the lives of local citizens in

"The program here brings in local Iraqi workers from the community to a safe
environment to learn, work and be taught carpentry, plumbing, electrical, wielding,
heating and air condition repair during their six month time here while being paid as
apprentices," said Capt. Adam McCombs, officer in charge of the IBIZ , 25th Special
Troops Battalion 25th Inf Div

"This is a great program that provides necessary skills for the Iraqi men in
rebuilding their towns, villages, Salah ad-Din Province and eventually all of Iraq," said
Lt. Col. Eric Angeli, commander, STB, 25th Inf Div,. "Eventually these skills will enable
them to open up businesses throughout all Salah ad-Din and provide essential services
to the people of Iraq," he continued.

The tour groups experienced a brief, advanced forensic technique session at the
JEFF Lab 4, where the Iraqi Police Colonel who processes forensic evidence for Salah
ad Din explained the training Iraqi Police are receiving in using fingerprints to convict
criminals in Iraqi courts.

The anticipation continued to build as the tour transitioned to the brigade
headquarters where Soldiers explained different weapon systems displayed for the
guests. Two mine resistant ambush protected vehicles were also on hand for the
visitors to learn about and experience being inside with the help of U.S. Soldiers.

Council members appreciated the access granted by the brigade as Soldiers
explained their mission to the local leaders. The council was so impressed by the
forensic lab that they are researching options to create one in the province, said a
council leader.

At the end of the day, council members departed knowing that the brigade is
working hard to support their governance, economic and essential service plans.