April 20 leaders from the 51st Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 35th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade assembled motorcycle riders from within the battalion for a safety training and mentorship ride.The Battalion gathered riders at the battalion classroom on Jonit Base Lewis McChord, Wash. to conduct safety training. The key events were a safety class, bike inspection, and ride around the Puget Sound. The first topic of discussion was centered on proper motorcycle attire and riding techniques. The riders then gathered outside with their motorcycles to conduct inspections. Company motorcycle mentors used Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil Chassis, and Kickstand (T-Clock) worksheets to verify the safety of each motorcycle. Following the inspection, they conducted a 3-hour safety and mentorship ride around the Puget Sound. Joint Base Lewis McChord was the starting point which then took them through Tacoma onto Highway 16, and back through the Olympic Peninsula. The safety and mentorship ride concluded with an After Action Review by the battalion motorcycle mentor. Safety and mentorship rides are a positive way to ensure Soldiers are safe while riding, all while building camaraderie through a common interest.