Maj. Torrance Beck, the Military Deputy of the Modernization Project Management Office at the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency, achieved the designation of "Demonstrated Master Logistician" March 15, through the Demonstrated Logistician Program offered by the International Society of Logistics (SOLE).SOLE, which has been in existence since 1966, is a non-profit international professional society composed of individuals organized to "enhance the art and science" of logistics technology, education and management. In 2005, SOLE created the Demonstrated Logistician Program to formally recognize the education and development within the logistics profession.Master Logistician is the highest level of designation through the program. SOLE also offers lower level designations including "Demonstrated Logistician" and "Demonstrated Senior Logistician." All levels require applicants to submit packages that show their commitment to not only superior work performance but also continued professional education through college credit or continuing education, and technical training.Beck, who has been in the Army for 25 years, has served as an Army medical logistician for five years.Said Beck, "I am very proud to be an Army medical logistician because I know the work we do saves lives and ensures readiness across the force to support tactical, humanitarian and strategic objectives."