SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - Logistics planners throughout the 8th Theater Sustainment Command attended the Theater Sustainment Planners Couse or TSPC held at the 130th Engineer Brigade from April 16-27.

"The purpose of the course is to prepare military logisticians for key operational planning and execution positions within the Army's Theater and Expeditionary Sustainment Commands," said, Maj. William Mulkey, TSPC director and instructor for this course.

The course targets logisticians at the operational level while ensuring an understanding of strategic logistics.

"The curriculum assists in developing Soldiers as sustainment planners, executors and problem-solvers at the operational level of war," said, Mulkey. "Further, it also equips planners with the critical thinking skills, framework, and abilities to solve complex logistics problems in peace and war."

Students should develop a better understanding of sustainment at the operational level and how it tie into the strategic and tactical levels.

"We also want to arm them with the knowledge and tools needed to plan for large scale operations, while remaining flexible enough to adapt to the inevitable disruptions they will face when the plan is executed," said Mulkey.

During the TSPC course, participants must evaluate the operational-level of war impact on theater sustainment planning; Integrate strategic partner's capabilities and requirements into the theater sustainment plan; develop a plan to conduct theater supply chain and distribution operations in support of decisive action; establish a theater opening/reception, staging, onward movement and integration plan for an area of operations; and design a plan for operational sustainment in a theater.

Sergeant 1st Class Denise Lewis, a force generation NCO, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, said that the TSPC course benefits the 8 TSC by developing its leaders within the realm of theater level support.

She further voiced that the class provided leaders with a doctrinal understanding of their role as the bridge between strategic and operational logistics.

"Leaders with this understanding are better prepared to drive effective training," said Lewis. "This also enhances the TSCs operational readiness, enabling our ready force."

The multiple levels of experience with the participants of the class enhanced the training and made the class rewarding.

"What I liked most about the course was how students with differing levels of experience and varying subjects of expertise shared their knowledge to help the class gain a broader understanding of operational level requirements and how these are interwoven to develop an effective concept of theater level support," said Lewis.

The TSPC training culminated in a final rehearsal of concept (ROC) drill where the planners set up and execute a scenario based ROC drill brief covering those six major areas of theater sustainment.

Completion of the TSPC course awards the P1, Logistics Planner skill identifier to logistics officers in the grade of Captain and above.