VICENZA, Italy - Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) at U.S. Army Health Center-Vicenza will undergo a change to the internal processes of referrals. Previously, parents could refer their children to EDIS if they felt their child demonstrated a delay in early childhood developmental milestones.

After April 1, however, all referrals to EDIS will be completed through the child's primary care provider at the health clinic, said Mary Jo Rooney, EDIS Program Manager here. At a developmental screening appointment made by the parent, the primary care provider will evaluate the child's communication, motor, personal social or problem-solving skills development.

The child's primary care provider, using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and discussion with the family, may identify concerns and suggest a referral for early intervention. Families will be guided to professionals who can best meet their child's needs.

The EDIS program staff and Vicenza health center want to ensure all children's developmental needs are addressed in a timely manner.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to make an appointment if they suspect there is even a small delay in developmental milestones.

EDIS providers frequently see parents who ask for assistance saying "I don't know how to get her to talk" or "how do I get him to walk?"

"These are all very normal questions and ones that would best be discussed during a screening appointment with the child's primary care provider so they can monitor changes and help track milestones with the family," said Rooney.

Schedule an appointment for your child with a primary care provider at or by calling the health center directly at DSN 636-9000, comm. 0444-61-9000.