I recently looked at a copy of the February issue of Soldiers magazine and found something quite disturbing.

On page 29 there is a picture of an NCO who looks to be deployed. On that page it shows him in full battle rattle (kind of). It also shows a headline of Year of the NCO.

Here's the problem I have: As noncommissioned officers, we are dedicated to setting the example. In this picture we are not. This particular NCO has his sleeves rolled up, no eye protection, a civilian-type radio (which could set off IEDs), his chinstrap is jacked-up and his vest is jacked-up.

Now I'm not one to nit pick at things but when the Army is campaigning the Year of the NCO and we are putting pictures that are not squared away in a magazine widely read by younger Soldiers, what kind of example are we setting'

I didn't write this to make that NCO look bad or just gripe about things or even say you guys are doing a bad job. I wrote it to bring it to someone's attention that maybe we need to look in the mirror and set the example rather than just go through the motions.

Sgt. Jeffrey Dilcher
Echo "Eagles"
2-22 Inf. Forward Support Co.
10th Brigade Support Bn.
Fort Drum, N.Y.