A job done right is a job well done.

When it comes to surgical shelters, setting up and taking down the shelters correctly is crucial. Now, the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity has provided a step in the training process that will clear up any confusion.

The shelters are used as medical-surgical tents in field hospitals, and can be very costly to repair or replace if not deployed correctly. Combat Support Hospital commanders and their staff undergo physical training on how to properly set up a TEMPER Air-Supported Shelter. Although it's a labor-intensive process, they go up 50 percent faster than legacy TEMPER shelters and are half the weight. Since they are more expeditionary, they are lighter, which means more attention is required to site preparation. This includes properly preparing the site before deploying the shelters, some heavy lifting and use of heavy materiel handling equipment. Just one 64-foot section takes about 15 minutes to inflate.

To support the physical training already in place, there are now online training videos that will guide the viewers step by step. TEMPER Air-Supported Shelters are used whenever a hospital gets called up for deployment. Combat Support Hospitals get called up all the time. According to Jaime Lee, product manager for Medical Support Systems Project Management Office at USAMMDA, anytime you are fielding a new system, you have to expect setup mistakes and issues with training.

"There is a big need for these training videos. After-action reports and lessons learned, the trainees were making mistakes. So these videos will address those issues in training," said Lee.

Lee explains there is a constant cycle of training and turnover at these hospitals. As commanders and their staff members come and go, getting some background information on TEMPER Air-Supported Shelters is now just a click away on the USAMMDA website through a Common Access Card-accessible link. Also provided on the site are instruction manuals and a software template for Autodise. The training videos can be watched any time of the day, as much as they want, as long as they have their CAC card.

TEMPER Air-Supported Shelters serve a very important purpose as part of the crucial infrastructure of a Combat Support Hospital. They rely on properly trained assembly to function properly. These easy-to-follow training videos will teach the vital do's and don'ts to make deployment easier. With this extra digital step in the training process, every job has the potential to be a job well done.

To access the secure site, just click the "Temper Air-Supported Training Site" button at https://www.usammda.army.mil/index.cfm/project_management/mss/csh_infrastructure.