FORT STEWART, Ga. - Leaders throughout the 3rd Infantry Division took a tour of helping resources with an emphasis on behavioral health assets at Fort Stewart, Georgia on April 26.

Battalion and company level leadership travelled to 10 different agencies that provide a variety of assistance to Soldiers. They were given enough time at each location to meet program managers to gain more insight into their specific resource.

"The goal was to familiarize commanders, first sergeants and leaders with helping resources, and learn about ways these resources can assist Soldiers," said Marji Freeze, Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield ready and resilient integrator.

"It is important to educate ourselves on all the helping resources, what they offer and how they strengthen the force," said Jacqueline Auberger, behavioral health outreach coordinator for Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.

Auberger said learning the types of resources and what they can provide helps leaders identify risk factors in Soldiers and Family Members and how to get them the intervention they need at the right time.

Leaders learned that helping resources can offer assistance beyond just crisis intervention.

Maj. Andrew Nix, Fort Stewart Garrison family life chaplain said that in moments of crisis there are specific steps leaders must take, but leaders knowing the vast amount of things helping resources offer can aid in possible prevention of those moments.

"There are more resources than people realize," Nix said. "Some agencies have specialties, but all agencies work together cooperatively to assist Soldiers."

The tour gave leaders a chance to see where agencies are located, and learn more about the specific assistance they offer to Soldiers and their families.

"I have been in command for 14 months, and thought I knew everything about suicide prevention and behavioral health," said Capt. Bryan Neal, commander, headquarters and headquarters battery, 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery Regiment. "I was able to see some locations I had not been to, met some people that can provide assistance to Soldiers in need and learned a little more about the services these resources provide."