governor of Salah ad Din province brought the provincial leadership to an orientation
tour of the Provincial Joint Coordination Center in Tikrit April 23.

One of the most critical components to reposition forces per the Security
Agreement, is the joint coordination centers. The center brings local Iraqi Security
Forces, government officials, emergency response managers and U.S. Army Soldiers
together to coordinate emergency response functions from a consolidated
headquarters. There are a series of coordination centers spread across the major cities
in Salah ad Din province.

Retired Iraqi Army Staff Brigadier General Issa, the PJCC director, gave the new
leaders an orientation of the JCC concept, and briefed them on the functions and
locations of each of the centers. They discussed intelligence partnerships and the
importance of unified coordination.

The briefing was followed by a tour of the facility and an extended discussion on
the new leadership's vision for the future and how the JCCs fit into the security posture
and economic revitalization plans for the province.

"The Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army have a great working relationship with the
provincial government," said Col. Walt Piatt, commander, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat
Team, 25th Infantry division. "They are in control of the security for the province; we are
in support of them. The work done at the JCC's are the way ahead for Salah ad Din; it's
how we are building strong partnerships," he added.