REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama -- Brig. Gen. Thomas Todd, program executive officer for aviation, has hosted Maj. Gen. William Gayler, commander of the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, his team and Maj. Gen. Doug Gabram, commander of the Aviation and Missile Command, for a Home-on-Home session to synchronize and coordinate strategic aviation program activities."Home-on-Home provides the organizations which represent requirements and acquisition an opportunity to understand the senior leadership's intents and desires," Leslie Hyatt, assistant PEO Aviation, G5, said. "It is also an opportunity for the aviation program managers to present how they plan to meet those intents, as well as highlight areas that need attention with key stakeholders in the room for timely resolution."The Home-on-Home provides a strategic level review and discussions among key stakeholders of ongoing activities within the PEO for the primary platform offices, such as UH-60, CH-47, AH-64, Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Fixed Wing, as well as supporting efforts and activities, such as Aviation Systems and Aviation Turbine Engines."The goal is to synchronize early and often to get the best value for the Soldiers and for the taxpayer," Hyatt said.USAACE representatives also discussed the capability needs as identified by their various elements, such as Capability Development and Integration Directorate, Concepts, Experimentation and Analysis Directorate, Training and Doctrine Command Capability Manager Aviation Brigades, TCM Lift, TCM Future Vertical Lift and TCM Reconnaissance and Attack. "It is easy to stay deeply involved in day-to-day execution, so it is important to make time to synchronize across boundaries," Hyatt said. "This provides an opportunity for product and project leaders to inform and have an open discussion with those who have the authority to approve courses of action. It also allows the opportunity to adjust to changing environments and stay lock step with each other." During the one-day session, the team synchronized activities, reinforced open lines of communication, and coordinated guidance for the variety of ongoing efforts. AMCOM, USAACE and PEO Aviation agreed that a primary focus must be placed on continuing to prioritize improvements within an environment that continues to be fiscally constrained, while getting those improved capabilities to the Soldiers as fast as possible without sacrificing cost or performance. The PEO Aviation mission remains focused on designing, developing, delivering and supporting advanced aviation capabilities for the Army. Analysis tools to support this need, along with diligent communications, will ensure we are successful.USAACE will host the next Home-on-Home at Fort Rucker to further synchronize program efforts across the Army aviation enterprise.