Learning how to save money for retirement can be a difficult road to navigate, but Blended Retirement Workshops held on post April 10-11 helped Fort Jackson community members pick their way through a sometimes confusing Thrift Savings Plan.

Chris Souweine, trainer for the Federal Retirement Thrift Assessments Board, said knowing the TSP "is really important especially with other retirement benefits are kind of done for us."
TSP is different he said.

"With TSP it is up to us where we want to invest and how much we want to contribute," he said April 10 during a short break in a session titled, "TSP A-to-Z Workshop."

That workshop was one of three sessions held. Session two was held April 11 and covered training for mid-career civilians, while the third session was aimed at civilians later in their careers.

Souweine said the best advice he could give to federal employees was to "contribute enough" to get the maximum matching funds of 'at least five percent if you can afford to do so."