SCHOFIELD BARRACKS (April. 5, 2018) -- The U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks participated in the 2nd Annual 'Take Back the Night' Glow Run 5k on Wheeler Army Airfield, April 5, 2018.

Soldiers, Families and pets joined units from across U.S. Army Hawaii to show their support to the SHARP program and empower those to make a difference in preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment.

"We took what we learned from last year's event and wanted to make it better," said Mr. Juan Almont-Done, sexual assault response coordinator, USAHC-SB.

"Col. Deydre Teyhen recommended we share the event with SHARP teams from our sister Army units and that's when we started getting more units interested in helping, added Almont-Done."

Numerous agencies assisted in the execution of the event including the Department for Emergency Services and the military police who provided water bottles for participants. The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade, 516th Signal Brigade, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade and the 25th Sustainment Brigade all provided glow gear, road guards and volunteers.

"All and all many people came together to help make this event special. I was blessed to have seven members of my family plus my German Shepherd "Zeke" participate in the event," added Almont-Done.

After the opening remarks, participants gathered their glow gear and took their positions at the starting line. The Army Music Hawaii Brass Band, 'Disturbing the Peace' provided the musical entertainment for the evening.

Just as the last participants had departed the starting area, the rain began. The showers did not interrupt the more than 250 participants who ran, walked or biked their way to the finish line.

"The most enjoyable part of the glow run 5k for me, was seeing everyone in their glow gear and in the pouring rain, running or walking with children, pets, and even carriages. They were even cheering on their way to the turnaround point and back," said Staff Sgt. Stefanie Marshall, staff optometrist, USAHC-SB. "I just thought it was such a selfless act to show commitment to ending sexual assault and harassment in the Army."

Maj. John Poore, operations officer, Headquarters and Headquarters Bn, 25th Inf. Div., added "We enjoyed the run very much, the kids had a blast running in the rain while glowing brightly! The venue was well planned and executed, with the 25ID Band adding a personal touch."

SHARP victim advocates played an important role in setting up the event, in addition to their duties back at their organizations.

"It's important for units to have victim advocates in order to promote a unit of trust and respect. Sexual assault and sexual harassment violates an individual's most basic right to dignity and control," said Staff Sgt. Amanda Rubin, sports medicine noncommissioned officer in charge and victim advocate. "While one is at their most vulnerable, victim advocates serve as the lifeline to bring that individual back to the fight by giving them a sense of self-worth and making sure they get the treatment they need from every possible aspect," added Rubin.

"One of the most memorable things about last night, was two young ladies that where giving out water bottles by the finish line. They were laughing, singing, dancing, and really enjoying the event, even though they were getting all wet," said Almont-Done.

"After the run, they asked if they could help with gathering all the equipment and clean up. I gladly accepted the request. As I cleaned up next to them I heard them speak another language. I asked them, what it was, and they said it was French. The garrison SARC said a few words to them in French and so did a representative from Wounded Warrior. As we came to found out, they live in Canada and are here on vacation visiting a member of the 25th Infantry Division/Army Music Hawaii Band. My point is, that even a tourist on vacation from 8,000 miles away understands the commitment to "taking back the night" and all it stands for. They were able to seamlessly join our event and fight with us in this noble cause," added Almont-Done.

The USAHC-SB SHARP Office with support from the U.S. Army Hawaii SHARP Program Office is hosting several events throughout the month, culminating with the 'Festival of Healing' on April 26 at the Schofield Barracks Health Clinic. The event begins at 1200. More information may be found on the clinic Facebook page @usahc.schofieldbarracks.