ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala.--Depot Sgt. Maj. Tony Butler hosted leaders within Army Materiel Command on April 22 during the visit of Command Sgt. Maj. Jeffrey Mellinger of AMC and Command Sgt. Maj. Otis Cuffee of TACOM Life Cycle Management Command.

Mellinger and Cuffee were on depot to visit with members of the workforce and see how the depot is supporting the warfighter. Butler escorted the command sergeants major on a tour of the Nichols Industrial Complex where various combat vehicles and Strykers are being repaired and overhauled. Home to the Department of Defense's small arms rebuild center, the depot was also able to demonstrate to the Army leaders how important the work here is to all branches of the Armed Forces.

"When Soldiers or Marines receive equipment from Anniston and see the tags saying their equipment was repaired at ANAD, they have a very high level of confidence that the equipment they receive is ready to fight, and will not fail them," said Mellinger.

Sergeants major in the Army bring important matters to the attention of the commander and focus on improving the working conditions of their Soldiers, in this case the government civilians working to equip the Soldiers.

At the depot, Butler has his eye on safety, making sure that the employees here are observing the rules that are established to protect them.

"The team here at ANAD works in sync to get essential equipment to the warfighter, and it's imperative that we not only work hard to do that but that we put safety at the forefront," said Butler. "The leaders at ANAD recognize the commitment to excellence by all members of our team."

The same rings true for Mellinger and Cuffee. They want to see that all employees within AMC and TACOM are working safely to meet the needs of the Soldier.

"The work ethic, attention to detail and expert craftsmanship displayed by the team at ANAD is extraordinary," said Mellinger.

Aside from the production operations at Anniston, Mellinger was particularly impressed with the programs coming from the area of community and family activities. "The Morale, Welfare and Recreation operation is imaginative, and really contributes not only to Team ANAD wellness, but supports community efforts in many ways, from tutoring/mentoring programs to outreach for families needing assistance. We would do well to look at the program at ANAD to see if we can make it work in other locations," he said.

The two CSMs toured the depot's Recycling Center where paper, plastic and aluminum products are made new again. The Center also employs the use of a wood chipper to turn pallets and other wood products into mulch, which is sold to the public and brings in revenue for that and other MWR programs.

The Center for Military History was also on their stop. "The care and attention to detail used to maintain these important artifacts is heartening to me as a Soldier, as it means that many years from now, items important to our Army history-such as organizational colors, canteens, weapons, furniture used by key leaders-will still be available for viewing, examination and display," said Mellinger.

"Anniston Army Depot has the best workforce around. The dedication that the workers put into their products is shown by the lives of Soldiers that have been saved," said Cuffee.