Brig. Gen. Bertram Providence, Regional Health Command-Pacific commander, got a first-hand look of the Paramedic Sustainment Training Program, a joint endeavor between Tripler Army Medical Center's Department of Health Education and Training and C Company 3-25 "DUSTOFF" MEDEVAC unit March 20. Providence, a former flight surgeon, was given an aerial tour of various locations around the island of Oahu where DUSTOFF crews pick up and transport patients.

According to Maj. Jared Brynildsen, C Company 3-25 Aviation Regiment commander, the unit is responsible for efficient, timely and critical treatment and evacuation of U.S. military patients from military training ranges on the islands of Oahu and Hawaii, known as the Big Island, while simultaneously ensuring deployment readiness across the training spectrum.

Brynildsen said it is important for leaders at all levels to be aware of the essential mission his unique unit delivers and how they work with other units to provide a valuable, life-saving service to those on the battlefield and realistic training to ensure proficiency in war-time missions. "When leaders are aware of the highly trained flight paramedics organic to the DUSTOFF, they understand the assistance needed to ensure flight paramedic proficiency," he said.

With readiness the top priority in the Army, Providence said, "DUSTOFF crews are a critical asset required to train and deploy our fighting forces. In order for their flight paramedics to maintain proficiency, and subsequently the survival rates of their patients, we must ensure these crews maintain a high state of medical readiness and the ability to perform to their paramedic-trained capabilities."

This paramedic sustainment training program provides training assistance and maximizes readiness in the force. "I applaud and support TAMC's commitment to a Ready Medical Force by ensuring these critical care paramedics get the hands-on practice and training they need," said Providence.