The Army has provided leaders and logisticians with world-class processes and supply chain strategies to help them accomplish their mission, according to Army Materiel Command's Commander Gen. Gus Perna.

Perna reinforced his philosophy and number one priority of improving readiness during the March 23 quarterly update with the Aviation and Missile Command leadership team.

He kicked off the discussion by providing his definition of supply availability and readiness drivers, and recognized five AMCOM employees for their leadership and dedication toward achieving improved readiness.

"For supply availability, what I am looking for is the processes, the leading indicators, and the leadership thereof to get us where we need to be holistically with breadth and depth of the supply chain," Perna said. "The readiness drivers are a way of prioritizing how to get after the total goal of supply availability."

The five individuals who received recognition and coins from Perna included Lloyd Willits, who led a team that enabled the transition of 1ID CAB from unit level logistic system-aviation (enhanced) to aircraft notebook; Lt. Col. Jennifer Guerrero, AMCOM lead for the chief of staff of the Army's data collection and analysis team; Diana Daniel, who was integral in affecting the AH-64E retrofit strategy of deployed aircraft with a more reliable transmission; Maj. Ryan Atkins, the AMCOM AH-64D/E initiatives supervisor; Casey Jones, the senior item management subject matter expert in Lower Tier Project Office and weapon system coordinator.

"We are transitioning to action versus appreciation," AMCOM Commander Maj. Gen. Doug Gabram said. "We are tightening our shot-group on what supply availability means for our Soldiers as we expand beyond just-in-time practices."

Gabram has challenged the AMCOM Logistics Center and item managers to keep improving. Item managers influence quality in terms of their ability to manage, integrate and make critical decisions concerning the supply chain. To highlight the importance of what they do for the Army and joint warfighter, AMCOM has designated 2018 as the "Year of the Item Manager."