Fort Jackson leadership, students and even deputies from the Richland County Sheriff's Department listened April 3 as Maj. Gen. Joseph R. Calloway spoke during the Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Maude Leadership Lecture Series.

Calloway, Director of Military Personnel Management with the Office the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, spoke about what leadership means to him.

Maude was the highest ranking service member killed at the Pentagon during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The lecture series was created to support his legacy.

Maude's widow Teri, spoke briefly at the event, where she said the "heart" of what leaders do is to taking care of Soldiers. Galloway, she said, "is a Soldier taking care of Soldiers" every day.

At the event Galloway spoke about how leadership is important to the Army.

Good leaders, he said, possess what he called "five C's" -- character, commitment, competence, courage and caring. Maude embodied all those attributes, he said.

These build a strong reputation, he said, and the loss of reputation is very hard to get back.
Another facet of leadership he spoke of was the importance of being loyal to seniors, peers and subordinates.

"Be loyal," he said, "Up, down and laterally. Loyalty goes every single way. People bad mouth their unit, bad mouth their leadership, bad mouth their leaders and bad mouth their subordinates … Do not let yourself fall into the trap of falling into that conversation."

Strong leadership keeps the Army strong he said by helping retain the best Soldiers.

"People will stay or go because of you," he said.