ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Gen. Gus Perna, Army Materiel Command commander and the Army's senior logistician, toured Anniston Army Depot Wednesday, viewing various production shops to see how ANAD reclaims components and overhauls or repairs combat vehicles and equipment.

During the tour, Perna visited the Powertrain Flexible Maintenance Facility. Built in 2009, the building is capable of remanufacturing 1,875 engines per year on one shift.

Perna also toured the Combat Vehicle Repair Facility. With approximately five acres of floor space, the building is the largest on depot, housing combat vehicle disassembly and assembly.

After viewing M1 disassembly and assembly operations, the tour followed the combat vehicle overhaul process to the Turbine Engine Facility. There, he saw the overhaul, refurbishment, rebuild and testing processes which go into creating like-new AGT1500 turbine engines.

ANAD is known for its ability to reclaim used components and the next stop on the tour showcased that capability.

In one of the depot's machine shops, Perna was able to see sheet metal work being performed as well as electron beam welding. The last stop on the tour showcased the finished product as Perna was able to see the Final Operations Division, where completed combat vehicles are tested before being turned over to the Defense Logistics Agency for shipment to the customer.

"It's great to be at Anniston Army Depot, a one-of-a-kind facility that contributes a great deal to the readiness of our Army," said Perna. "This depot has provided a critical maintenance capability for our Army for more than 75 years and their impact is as critical today as it was during World War II."

ANAD is one of 23 depots, arsenals and ammunition plants which comprise the Army's Organic Industrial Base. The OIB manufactures and resets Army equipment, generating readiness and operational capability throughout Army formations.

"The Anniston workforce are true artisans who do important work to support the readiness of our Soldiers," Perna said. "Their proximity to the battlefield does not correlate to the incredible impact they have to the fight."