This week, public health professionals around the globe are observing National Public Health Week (NPHW), which runs from April 2-8. Sponsored by the American Public Health Association, the goal of NPHW is to raise public health awareness; recognize contributions of public health; highlight issues important to the nation and educate the public, policy makers and practitioners in public health matters. It also promotes programs and policies that benefit public health.Another critical goal of the APHA is "to create the healthiest nation in one generation." Each day of NPHW has a different theme. The themes for this year are behavioral health, communicable diseases, environmental health, injury and violence prevention and ensuring everyone's right to a healthy life.Prevention of disease and injury is at the heart of the APHC mission and the NPHW themes nest very well with Army public health key initiatives. Since the Army's inception, Army Public Health professionals have focused public health efforts on building partnerships. In their work with installations and military medical treatment facilities, Army public health experts advise commanders and leaders about a broad range of public health initiatives and preventive actions. All have the same basic goals of encouraging healthy behaviors and standardizing public health efforts according to best practices (methods that have evidence to support their use).Learn more about the work of Army Public Health professionals do in the newly released Health of the Force Report: