Army Military Intelligence Leaders gather at Fort Huachuca

By Randall BaucomApril 2, 2018

Intelligence Senior Leaders Conference
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Fort Huachuca, Ariz. - Senior Army Intelligence Leaders gathered at Fort Huachuca Mar. 21-22 for an annual Intelligence Senior Leaders Conference hosted by the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence (USAICoE).

Attendees included Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, Army Deputy Chief of Staff - G2, Maj. Gen. Christopher Ballard, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, Maj. Gen. Robert Walters, Commander of USAICoE and Fort Huachuca, and several Military Intelligence Brigade and Battalion Commanders.

The theme for this year's conference was "Military Intelligence Capability Gaps", and focused on finding improvements to the Army's Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) Architecture, intelligence sharing, and multi-functional intelligence astride maneuver.

The PED Architecture session focused on Europe and Korea and conducting intelligence operations with degraded, intermittent, and limited locations in degraded electronic warfare and cyber environments with a peer or near-peer enemy. Discussions centered on the use of common data links, networks, and interfaces to maintain time-sensitive access for data retrieval of processed information within intelligence data repositories to satisfy Commanders' Critical Information Requirements and situational understanding.

The Intelligence Sharing session focused on the dissemination of accurate, sanitized, actionable intelligence to designated consumers like Joint Intergovernmental and Mulit-National Partners, "Five Eye" partners, and Host Nation Partners in degraded electronic warfare and cyber environments.

The Multi-Functional Intelligence astride Maneuver session focused on the ability of multi-functional intelligence teams to execute expeditionary terrestrial collection and exploitation operations at the same speed as its supported formations in operations against a peer or near-peer enemy.

Each of the topics were then discussed in breakout sessions where senior leaders exchanged ideas and discussed solutions which culminated into back briefs for the General Officers in attendance.

The USAICoE Capability Development Integration Directorate introduced the recently updated Army Doctrine Publications 2.0 (Intelligence) and Army Doctrine Reference Publications 2.0 (Intelligence) which incorporated the changes brought forth by the recent revision of FM 3.0 (Operations) earlier this year by the Training and Doctrine Command.

The USAICoE Directorate of Training provide insight into Army Intelligence Training Strategy which focuses on the home station training of Military Intelligence organizations below the Corps level.

Also discussed at the conference was the Army's Intelligence Force Structure and the reintroduction of the Military Occupational Specialty 35L10, Counter Intelligence Specialist, which will allow new Soldiers to enter the specialty immediately upon completion of Basic Training instead of having to wait until reaching the rank of Sargent to enter the MOS. The reintroduction is expected to start in FY19.