The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recovery Field Office, held a change of command on Mar. 30, 2018. Maj. Manuel Orozco assumed command of the RFO from Lt. Col. Roberto Solorzano.

Maj. Orozco currently serves as the USACE Mobile District South America Region Officer in Charge.

"Our mission to assist the people of Puerto Rico in the recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria continues to be our only priority and it's our pleasure to inform the people that the Recovery Field Office's mission is in its last phase," Maj. Orozco said. "All our lines of efforts are near one hundred percent complete and will begin to retrograde as we reach the overall goal," he said.

Maj. Orozco previously, served as Assistant Professor of Military Science and Military History at the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey.

Lt. Col. Solorzano returns to his assignment as USACE Mobile District Central America Officer in Charge.

The RFO manages the five missions assigned to USACE by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Debris, Temporary Roofing, Temporary Emergency Power, Non-Federal Generator Repair and Maintenance, and Critical Public Facilities.

As of Mar. 31, 2018:
• Debris Removed: 3,823,634 out of 3.9 million cubic yards tasked for
removal in 55/78 municipals
• Temporary Roofing mission is complete with 59,469 roofs installed
• Critical Public Facilities: Total mission of 119 assigned repairs, 6 are pending construction award, 17 contracts for repair awarded, 96 facilities temporarily repaired.
• Temporary Emergency Power: 96% of generators requested installed, with 883 active in the field.