With dedication for excellence and a competitive fire, today's businesswomen are making waves across the Beehive State. The 10th Annual Women's Business Day Luncheon was held in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 23. Thirty professional women of Utah were chosen to receive this high level award, sponsored by Utah Business (the magazine for Decision Makers).

Each of this year's 30 Women to Watch brings something unique and inspiring to Utah's business scene. Spanning industries, job titles and education, these women have a passion for their work - a passion that has bettered their companies and their communities.

Col. Yolanda C. Dennis-Lowman, Commander, Tooele Army Depot, Tooele, Utah, was among the top 30 professional women recognized.

As commander of the Tooele Army Depot, Col. Dennis-Lowman leads approximately 500 employees and is responsible for the receipt, storage and issue of ammunition for not just the Army, but all services. Also, the engineering, design and fabrication of Ammunition Peculiar Equipment (APE). The continuous improvement culture results in increased efficiency and reduced times. This, in combination the dedication and versatility of the workforce, positions the depot for new challenges and an expanded mission.

"My challenges are pretty much the same that you would find in any organization of this size...personnel issues, remaining competitive w/in our market and expanding our work base. I overcome these challenges by involving my senior leaders in every aspect of the decision making process. In doing so, they are stake holders and bear some ownership in the outcomes," Col. Dennis-Lowman stated.
Leadership and accountability are without a doubt the most important skills she mentioned.

The Tooele Army Depot's mission is one of readiness. Through the specialized resources and expertise in munitions power projection and the engineering and deployment of support systems, the depot meets difficult and pressing challenges around the globe - anytime, anywhere.