The Communicator: Spring Edition - 2018 is now online

By Dennis K. Bohannon, ASA (IE&E)March 30, 2018

The Communicator - Spring Edition 2018
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Inside this edition:

From the Executive Office

Spring is Here Page 1

Mr. W. Jordan Gillis

Current Events Page 2

Mr. Randy Robinson

Congrats and Farewell Page 3

Executive Office

Army's Utilities Privatization Page 4

Mr. Jack Surash, PE

OEI News Page 5

Office of Energy Initiatives

Army Earth Day Page 6

SecArmy Environmental Awards

IE&E Strategy - Next Page 7

Steven Rodriquez, ODASA SI

Energy Innovation Summit Page 8

Transparency in the POM Process

Farewell and Birthdays Page 9

The Communicator is published by The Office of The Assistant Secretary of the Army Installations, Energy and Environment.

Edited by: Mr. Dennis K. Bohannon

The ASA (IE&E) Newsletter is an excluded publication authorized under the authority of Section IX, 3-43, Army Regulation 25-30. The Communicator is published electronically quarterly in the interest of ASA (IE&E) personnel. The newsletter is published to inform, motivate, increase knowledge, or improve performance and may contain official or unofficial information or both. The content of The Communicator does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the U.S. Army or Department of Defense.

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