MILAN ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT, Tenn. -- With an effort coordinated through the Army's Total Force Integration program, the Tennessee Army National Guard recently started infrastructure demolition efforts on the Milan Army Ammunition Plant.

Soldiers of the Tennessee Army National Guard, 230th Engineer Battalion, 913th Engineer Company, started demolition of two inert storage buildings during a recent weekend duty mission.

The TFI program provides the soldiers hands-on training with unit equipment, while also providing value-added work for MLAAP. The project is being executed during a one weekend per month training schedule, for tentative completion by the end of Fiscal Year 2018.

"The two inert storage buildings being demolished under this initiative experienced extensive storm damage and were not economically feasible to repair," noted Stanley Preuett, Industrial Engineer, MLAAP.

"Over the years the roofs of the two structures deteriorated and partially collapsed to the floor. One of the building's end walls had also collapsed," added Preuett.

In an effort to remove obsolete infrastructure, the two storage buildings were designated excess to the MLAAP mission requirements and submitted as candidates for demolition under the Army's Facility Reduction Program. However, no funding is currently available for a government-owned, contractor operator facilities, such as MLAAP for these efforts.

Therefore, the project was submitted to the TFI project for Army National Guard and Army Reserve consideration as a training exercise. The Army National Guard, of Union City, Tenn., picked up the mission for execution.

The demolition effort will include the removal of the clay tile walls and transporting the scrap tile to a stockpile location for crushing and reuse; removing roof decking and asphalt shingles and transporting to MLAAP's construction debris landfill; and removing sprinkler system piping and steel framing and transporting to MLAAP salvage yard for scrap metal sale. Following demolition, the elevated concrete slabs will be left in place to support transportation-loading/truck to rail operations for a future tenant.

"The Tennessee ARNG executing this project provides value-added training in equipment operation, safe demolition procedures, and project execution for our Soldiers while at the same time providing a much-needed service to MLAAP," said Britt Locke, commander's representative, MLAAP. "Our intent is this will be the first of several exercises utilizing the Tennessee ARNG for similar engineering efforts."

Milan Army Ammunition Plant is housed on 22,357 acres with 1,450 buildings and 873 igloos and a storage capacity of 2.4 million square feet. MLAAP maintains a capability to load, assemble, and pack medium- to large-caliber ammunition.