Field trips are not only a fun and exciting break from the typical school day, they also serve as an educational bridge to the surrounding community. On March 22, approximately 200 fourth grade students from Freedom Elementary had career day and an installation familiarization tour on Fort Leonard Wood.

The day started with the military police experience at Maglin Hall. Students toured the confinement facility where they could see jail cells, protective gear, and restraint systems used by the military police.

The fun didn't stop there. Sirens, laughter, and innocent commands, filled the silence as the students took turns experiencing the drivers-seat of the MP cars and Humvees. After the hands-on experience, students were treated to an MP working dog demonstration.

"I wish my dog could do that," David Boyd, a Freedom Elementary student exclaimed about the working dog demonstration.

"It is always a pleasure when we are afforded the opportunities to participate in events with the community," said Staff Sgt. Lori Singer-Bare, Basic Military Police Training Division instructor.

"We all truly take pride in showing the many capabilities that the Military Police Corps Regiment has to offer. Providing the demonstrations for the children allowed us to not only teach them but also to further build the sense of community with our local school district and greatest supporters," she added.

After a brief lunch and recess at Training Area 250, students had the opportunity to see the engineer working dog demonstration, have one-on-one experience with the working dogs, as well as see the various types of bridges that are used by Army engineers. The final surprise of the day was an Improved Ribbon Bridge demonstration. Squeals of excited cheers and applause resounded as the IRB hit the water.

Kymbrelle Key, Freedom Elementary fourth-grader, said she enjoyed her experience on the installation.

"I really loved it. I loved seeing the working dogs and how they do their jobs. It was really cool seeing the bridge builders and how they have all this equipment to help them do it," Key said.