Did you know Fort Leonard Wood has an animal shelter?

According to Susan Rather, Waynesville Animal Shelter supervisor, a lot of people don't realize there is a shelter on the installation.

For the last couple of years, the Fort Leonard Wood Animal Shelter has been operated by the Waynesville Animal Shelter through a cooperative agreement between the installation and the city of Waynesville.

"The Fort Leonard Shelter is an asset to the post community as we house and care for the stray dogs and cats found on Fort Leonard Wood," Rather said. "We hold them for a length of time to give the owners an opportunity to claim them."

Rather used to live on the installation and before working at the shelter, she didn't know the installation provided the service.

"Although I used the post veterinarian I had no idea the shelter was there too," she said. Rather wants to work with the community to get the word out.

The Fort Leonard Wood Animal Shelter is located at the post veterinary clinic. Community members are free to visit and adopt at both facilities.

"Anyone can adopt from the Fort Leonard Wood facility," Rather said. "Our fees are $75 for puppies, $90 for adult dogs and $60 for cats. Microchiping is an additional $20. All adult dogs and cats are up to date on vaccines and spayed or neutered. Puppies are up to date on vaccines only."

Rather said if a potential pet owner is unsure if an adult dog would be a good fit for the family, the adults can go out on trial.

"Our trial adoption is exactly that, a trial," Rather said. "You are able to take any dog you are interested in home for a week. This is so the adopting family and the dog are a good fit. There is no charge for this service. If you decide to adopt then we continue with the paperwork."

Cats and puppies cannot go out on trial, Rather added.

The Waynesville Animal Shelter Facebook pages currently has posts of all the dogs and cats available for adoption. Rather said both facilities welcome visitors and volunteer opportunities are available.

For more information, visit the Waynesville Shelter Facebook page or call 573.774.6509.