FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Some health concerns can be invisible to the naked eye, and Fort Rucker Child and Youth Services officials hope their annual health and nutrition fair helps parents target issues early.

The health and nutrition fair takes places April 5 from 4-7 p.m. at the football fields outside of the youth center, Bldg. 2800.

The fair includes vision and hearing screenings, blood pressure checks, and height and weight measurements.

A registered dietician will be on site, as well as representatives from physical therapy, the dental clinic, preventive medicine, 4-H Club and more.

"We will have representatives from all over post who work in physical therapy, the dental clinic, preventative medicine, the Directorate of Public Safety and the family advocacy program," Sharlene Phillips, Fort Rucker sports specialist, said.

Children can sign up to learn proper dental hygiene, the importance of healthy eating habits, have their measurements taken, and even learn a bit about Army Community Service and the services they provide Soldiers and families on post.

The transient nature of military life can sometimes cause beneficial checkups to be overlooked or neglected and, according to Phillips, the health fair helps fill in the gaps.

"We have found that this event provides a great opportunity for kids to receive checkups they might've missed," she said. "A child comes through the health fair for a vision screening and the parents find out they should get their eyes checked. It really helps to pinpoint areas in need of additional care.

"The kids will come through for something like the hearing test and be sent home with a note for their parents," she added. "The note will let the parents know if the test revealed anything significant and if there is a need to follow up with their family physician."

The event will also feature games, music and information to help youth make healthier food choices as they grow.

"Kids experience growth spurts and eat more and more," Phillips said. "If you teach them the right things to eat at an early age, you help them continue to make healthy choices into adulthood."

For more information, call 255-0395 or 255-2257.