CHIÈVRES, Belgium -- The U.S. Army Garrison Benelux Antiterrorism Office is asking you to assist our security professionals across the Benelux in extending your eyes and ears to report incidents which might precede terrorist attack preparation or in-the-act of target surveillance.

Anyone reading or watching the news has heard the stories of how worldwide intelligence leaders are concerned about the potential for an increase in terrorist activity here in Western Europe. Pay attention to events such as Easter celebrations, spring festivals, May Day and other events which traditionally can result in protests throughout Europe.

Be mindful especially of May 1, which is observed as Labor Day in Belgium and the Netherlands. Although not specifically directed at U.S. personnel, many large cities can and will have marches and demonstrations on or around Labor Day. If in the vicinity of one of these events, use common sense. Stay away from the area of the protest, research before you go, check the U.S. State Department website, EuroNews channel, local channels, and official news sources to educate yourself and your family.

Please report suspicious activity when you see it. Most importantly, don't hesitate! Report suspicious activity to the U.S. Military Police Desk at your location:
Brussels: DSN 368-9769 or +32 (0)2-7179796
Chièvres Air Base: DSN 361-5301 or +32 (0)68-275301
JFC Brunssum: DSN 606-244-2616/3200 or +31(0)45- 526-2616/3200
Schinnen: DSN 360-7555 or +31(0)464-437555
SHAPE: DSN 423-3343 or +32(0)65-443343

If you observe suspicious activity in your community, report it to the nearest police agency by calling 112. For questions or concerns regarding the Antiterrorism Program, call DSN 361-6290 (Belgium) or DSN 360-7313 (Netherlands).