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In 1436, Johannes Gutenberg began work on a device that would revolutionize printing using movable type. Movable type did exist prior to his creation, but his device specifically allowed for rapid creation of movable type and mass production on a scale unheard of at the time. This new device--called the printing press--paved the way for a new type of media called "the press," paid homage to the device's name, and eventually the first newspaper in 1609.

The printing press transformed society. Suddenly, information found its way into the hands of the masses, resulting in a drastic increase in the literacy rate and shattering the monopoly on knowledge that previously only existed to the literate elite. Older modes of printed information became obsolete as the printing press drastically reduced costs.

Fast forward to the 20th Century. The electronic revolution presented the next means of information consolidation and management. Integrated circuits developed in the 1960s would eventually lead to increasingly smaller electronic devices. Eventually, these devices would be able to fit in the palm of our hand and have the capacity to access a plethora of information almost instantaneously. Other modes of information have become increasingly obsolete, including the newspaper. With this advent of real-time information, readers in our area have expressed the desire to receive information in these formats, so with this last edition, we bid adieu to The Morning Calm.

While The Morning Calm will be going away with this last edition, other venues will be available to receive information about US Army Garrison Daegu. Information will be available on the electronic marquees and banner stands on Camps Carroll, Henry, and Walker; announced on AFN Radio 88.5 or the AFN 360 app; posted to the USAG Daegu and Daegu Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Facebook pages; and, for those who have access, published to the website.

In addition to these sources, a forthcoming bi-weekly newsletter will be posted to the USAG Daegu Facebook with consolidated links to current new stories. Finally, a standalone USAG Daegu website is in production and expected to go live in June 2018. If you would like to receive the latest garrison information through the Weekly Wrap Up email, send a request to (.mil emails only).