ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- Gen. Gus Perna, commander, Army Materiel Command, visited Joint Munitions Command Headquarters to receive his quarterly update on the global ammo mission on March 21.

The Joint Munitions Command is one of the nine subordinate commands that reports to AMC. AMC's overall mission "is to synchronize and integrate the total capabilities of the vast materiel enterprise in support of the Chief of Staff of the Army's priorities," said Perna. "The objectives behind those priorities are: provide materiel readiness, sustainable readiness, force projection, battlefield sustainment, Army-wide sustainment and materiel development."

Perna discussed JMC's four core competencies with Brig. Gen. Heidi Hoyle, commander, JMC, and headquarters senior leaders. JMC receives, stores, issues and demilitarizes conventional ammunition for all military services. In addition, Perna was updated on the status of several ongoing initiatives to improve JMC's Enterprise-Integrated Logistics Strategy, business practices and distribution network.

"We cannot achieve materiel readiness without a responsive, efficient and disciplined supply chain,"Perna said. "We must build depth, breadth and velocity back into the supply chain. To do that, leaders and logisticians are now armed with a world-class business process and supply chain strategy that guides planning and forecasting. We must identify gaps, and balance historical demands with future training and war planning, to properly align supply actions and meet the needs of the force."

JMC's vision is to be DoD's Premier Munitions Sustainer -- Integrating and Synchronizing Global Munitions Readiness. Readiness is the Army's No.1 priority, and munitions readiness is the reason JMC exists.

Perna was satisfied with the progress JMC is making to become more efficient and effective. These efforts are meeting his intent as JMC transforms for the future.

The JMC's mission is to provide the Department of Defense's joint forces with ready, reliable and lethal munitions to support global operations and to be the DoD's munitions sustainer and demilitarization expert, integrating and synchronizing global munitions readiness.