Defense Personal Property Program

What is it'

Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) is a new Department of Defense program that will help military personnel better manage their permanent-change-of-station move. With DP3, personnel can use the online Defense Personal Property System (DPS) to communicate directly with their moving company from the convenience of their home or office.

Why is DP3 important to the Army'

DP3 offers two key advantages.

1. Full replacement value coverage of property at no additional cost. Using DPS, personnel can file their claim directly with the moving company. The moving company will settle claims by either repairing or paying to repair damaged items, or by paying the full replacement value cost on items that need replacing or have been lost or destroyed, as long as claims are filed within nine months of shipment delivery.

2. The best, top-rated moving companies. Moving companies are no longer chosen because they have the lowest cost but because of high performance and value provided. The best value score comes from the customer, when DPS is used to fill out the customer satisfaction survey after the move.

Where do I start'

Visit <a href="" target="_blank">DoD Household Goods Portal</a> and create a Defense Personal Property System account. A password will be provided via email for use during the entire moving process.

Contact the moving company 48 hours prior to the pick-up date to receive contact information for the local agent handling the move.

The Web site also has important links for passports, clearance guides, forms, and regulations. For additional questions:

Call help desk at 1-800-462-2176 or email the <a href="" target="_blank"> Helpdesk</a>.