With the high operational tempo of drill sergeants and others on Fort Jackson having a one-stop Soldier Readiness Processing program aides leaders accessing their troops quickly. Some SRPs in the Army look only at a Soldier's medical readiness -- not Fort Jackson.

The SRPs on Fort Jackson take it one step further -- they look holistically at the whole Soldier not just for their medical needs but for others like getting knowledge of programs like the Army Substance Abuse Program as well.

One of the aims of the Holistic SRP is "to make sure they have all their requirements done and two to make sure they are medically" taken care of, said Staff Sgt. Nathanial Alejandro with the Reception Medical Center, while Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment and the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School cycled through.

It's not just medical. "It's all the other places too" like Army Community Service, Army Substance Abuse Program, and Military and Family Life Counseling," he added. "If they need shots or hearing we can give them that too."

The Holistic SRPs are conducted weekly.