On March 10, 193rd Infantry Brigade Families and cadre came together to "connect" during the unit's Connecting Day / Informational Day at the Solomon Center. The event provided an opportunity for Families and cadre of the Bayonet Brigade to connect with one another and learn about agency resources available to them both on and off post.

Col Michael T. Katona, 193rd Infantry Brigade commander said, "The intent (of the event) is to allow our Families to thrive on Fort Jackson and within the community. And we are acting as an extension of (Maj. Gen. Pete) Johnson's larger intent of all of Fort Jackson being able to thrive."

Katona said he appreciated the support of the community and agencies that participated in the connection day.

The connection event was important to Katona because it hits him right at home.

"I have a 7-year-old an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old so these types of events really hits home," he said, "and the more we can get Families and kids involved in the Army with their Moms and Dads is a big win."

For Katona's spouse Kathy, Saturday's event was about face-to-face interaction.

"I think the age of technology has created a isolated community," Kathy said. "I thought an event focused on face to face interaction would be the best thing to build a community. Community is important; it will take time to build the community but it's important to take the time to build especially in the military."

The 193rd's Connecting Day / Informational Day at the Solomon Center also provided an opportunity to just relax.

"Day in and day out Soldiers and their families members work very hard to keep the operations of the unit going forward," said Command Sgt. Maj. James Hill, the brigade's senior enlisted leader. "So today is a day where we can all come together, let our hair back, socialize and get to know each other while having a good time while our kids and Family members get to connect."