DEBECKA, Iraq - California and Tennessee guardsmen from Contingency Operating Base Q-West brought soccer balls, school supplies and medical attention to one Iraqi family here April 1.

In March, an Iraqi child from the community ran in front of a Coalition forces convoy and was struck by a vehicle mirror causing minor head injuries.

"It is important to check on the young boy to ensure he is getting the proper medical treatment from the local authorities and to demonstrate our care and concern for the local populace and their well being," said Lt. Col. Tommy Baker, commander, 30th CSSB.

Coalition forces concern for the Iraqi boy's health and the interaction with the local community during the visit was a success.

"The village was extremely receptive to our visit and our troops had a chance to interact with the locals which is always good for building stronger relationships," said Baker. "Overall, this mission will strengthen relationships between Coalition forces and the local populace in that area."

Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment, 30th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade assisted and explained to the Iraqi family on the proper completion of the claims card for compensation of medical bills and associated expenses for the medical care of the young boy.

"He appeared well when we visited him," said Maj. Michael Price, surgeon, 16th Sust. Bde., after examining the child. "I believe he is going to make a complete recovery with no permanent neurologic deficits."

"It was good to see how well the young man was doing and to have the chance to show him that we care," said Spc. Michael Rankin, an Alpha Co. driver.

The unit Soldiers and 30th CSSB leaders distributed soccer balls, pens, pencils, school supplies and many treats to the children of the community.