CAMP ZAMA, JAPAN -- In January, the U.S. Army Medical Department Activity-Japan participated in Keen Edge 2018 which exercised the U.S. Army Garrison-Japan's emergency evacuation program. The EEP exercise evaluated the response time and the gathering of non-combatant evacuees from USAG-Japan installations. The process included sending out notification through ad hoc messaging as well as providing processing times for non-combatant evacuees to prepare for the next phase of an evacuation. Non-combatant evacuees filtered through various stations to include MEDDAC-J's medical station, where critical paperwork such as medical records and pharmaceutical documents were evaluated to ensure accuracy for inclusion in the EEP packets. MEDDAC-Japan's EEP wardens were present to guarantee the completion of the EEP packets and provide assistance to those who needed more information to safeguard an expedited evacuation from USAG-Japan installations.