During the Jonesboro, Arkansas city council meeting on April 8th, LTC Dale Deehr, Officer-in-Charge, Fort Leonard Wood Blood Donor Center, was presented with the "Key to the City" by Mayor Harold Perrin. The three-day Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) blood drive was hosted by the 875th Engineer Battalion, Arkansas National Guard, and sponsored by the E911 Fire Police Dispatch Center.

According to Deehr, "We had almost 500 donors come out during the three days allowing the donor center to collect more than 300 units of blood for the ASBP. Collecting blood is critical to saving lives and being part of this great community event was a pleasure and honor."

After the presentation, LTC Deehr thanked the Mayor and the City Council members by presenting them with an ASBP coin. LTC Deehr told the council and the audience, "We appreciate the support that the blood donor center received from the community, but more importantly the dedication that Jonesboro has for our soldiers serving overseas. Each blood donation can be a lifesaving event for our soldiers injured in combat and your support to the ASBP means that the blood program will have what it needs - when it needs it."

The donated blood was flown by military aircraft to Fort Hood, TX where it is tested before being shipped into our forward combat hospitals. Blood collected by the Blood Donor Center is usually in Iraq or Afghanistan about one week from when it is collected.