FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan.-- The United States Army Command and General Staff College hosts 200 officers from the United Kingdom's Intermediate Command and Staff College (Land) here March 2-16 to study with their U.S. counterparts. Exercise Eagle Owl occurs twice a year and culminates in the two-week exercise where a combined group of officers, taught by an instructional team consisting of U.S. and U.K. instructors, act as a brigade combat team battle staff.Eagle Owl utilizes a NATO scenario to conduct planning on Division Area Defensive Operations and Division Area Security/Stability Operations. The Operational Environment utilizes a hybrid threat that includes state conventional forces, irregular militia, terrorists, and criminal organizations to produce a complex Commander's Tactical Problem involving the simultaneous application of offense, defense, and stability in Unified Land Operations. During the 2-week exercise the officer-students use both the U.S. Army's Military Decision Making Process and the United Kingdom's Seven Questions Combat Estimate to plan for brigade engagements.The exercise helps American and U.K. officers understand the multinational, cultural and procedural differences between the two nations and demonstrates the ability to work effectively as part of a multinational staff. The two nations cap the exercise with a U.S. vs. U.K. sports day and barbecue. The officers will participate in various sporting competitions to include golf, skeet, total fitness, volleyball, softball and soccer.During the exercise, Lt. Gen. Patrick Sanders, CBE, DSO, Commander Field Army, British Army, delivered the annual Kermit Roosevelt Exchange Lecture at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. The lecture series began in 1947. It was originally sponsored by Mrs. Kermit Roosevelt, who intended it as a memorial to her late husband. Kermit Roosevelt was an American businessman, soldier, explorer and writer. The second son of President Theodore Roosevelt, he served in both world wars and for both the American and British Armies.The exchange lectures have been held every year since 1947. As of 1997, the lecturer from the United Kingdom speaks at the United States Military Academy, the U.S. Army War College, and the Armed Forces Staff College in addition to the Command and General Staff College. The lecturer from the United States speaks at the Military College of Sciences, The Royal Military Academy, the Joint Services Defense College and the Ministry of Defense. In 1970, it was mutually agreed that the Kermit Roosevelt Lecture Series would be officially support by the United Kingdom and the United States as a continuation of the program formerly sponsored by the Kermit Roosevelt Fund.