Naples, Italy, Feb. 22--On Thursday morning in Carney Park, Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors are conducting squad movements through the fog, fending off ambushes by 'hostile' forces, questioning 'local nationals,' and rescuing 'hostages' in an urban environment.As part of its ongoing 'AGILE' series of training events, Deployable Communications Module-A, 2nd NATO Signal Battalion, conducted a week-long Army Warrior Task training event focused on squad movement techniques, Surveillance, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, reacting to Improvised Explosive Devices, Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, and Nuclear tactics, and Military Operations on Urban Terrain. The week culminated in a day long simulated tactical exercise lane that required squads to move through complex urban terrain known as 'Carney Town.' "This is great training for our joint team," said Master Sgt. Pablo Guerra, the DCM-A Senior Enlisted Leader. "Not only do we get to train our Army tasks, we also get to work together with our sister services and build our joint team."Squads consisting of 2NSB Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, along with Sailors from the U.S. Naval Hospital Naples, and the Naval Support Activity, Naples Security Detachment, navigated the challenging training environment where they conducted reconnaissance, met with friendly civilians, and engaged hostile forces. Other service members within the unit played the parts of civilians and insurgents, characterizing the many difficulties faced in identifying peaceful civilians and hostile adversaries in real world scenarios.The 'AGILE' part of the training comes from the traits the training is meant to develop; "Accountable, Generous, Informed Leaders who are Experts," as explained by Maj. Benjamin Schneller, DCM-A Commander."We conduct this training annually to ensure our Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors are confident and prepared to go wherever our NATO mission needs us to be," said Staff Sgt. Melanie Hehl, one of the observer controllers overseeing each squad's performance. "It gives our joint forces the chance to stay relevant on warrior tasks and battle drills, and it's a chance to learn multiple skills while getting to know your fellow team members a little better during diverse situations."