CASCOM educates 21st TSC quartermasters on new initiatives
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CASCOM educates 21st TSC quartermasters on new initiatives
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KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - Quartermaster logisticians from the 21st Theater Sustainment Command were given the opportunity to learn about current Combined Arms Support Command's Logistics Training Department initiatives related to supply chain management, through briefings held March 6-7, at Daenner Kaserne chapel.

The briefs were conducted by Sgt. 1st Class Andre Corbin, the department's credentialing non-commissioned officer-in-charge, on what he calls logistics' three "Hot Topics:" Credentialing, the Supply Excellence Award, and the Property Accountability Virtual Playbook.

"This is the Army logistic hot topics," Corbin said during opening remarks. "It's very exciting to have the opportunity to come out and share this information that is being generated out of Fort Lee, Virginia, home of the Quatermaster."

21st TSC Soldiers with the 92A, 92 Y, 920A, and 920B Military Occupational Specialties were informed and encouraged to participate in the current Army-funded Certified Logistics Associate and Certified Logistics Technician credentialing program.

"Take the opportunity to earn these credentials for free, to empower you when you make the transition out of the military and become a more viable candidate," Corbin said. "This opportunity will make you smarter today on your job so that you can perform better while you are still in the Army."

The CLA offers Soldiers who have successfully completed the online training program and have passed the proctored exam five promotion points and the CLT 10 promotion points, totaling 15 points if completed successfully.

Sgt. 1st Class Lydonna Charles, one of the attendees at Corbin's brief mentioned she had taken the CLA previously in hopes of having a more robust promotion packet and civilian resume when it is time for her to exit the military.

The second "Hot topic" Corbin discussed, centered on the military recognized Supply Excellence Award program. The "in it to win" award recognition program as Corbin titled it, increases public awareness of supply excellence within the Army and creates overall improvement of the supply system and processes.

Participants of the SEA program compete and are evaluated in multiple phases. The winner of the Department of the Army SEA program has the opportunity to compete against SEA program winners from other branches in the military for the titles of "Best of the Best" within Supply Excellence.

Corbin encouraged the non-commissioned officers attending his brief to educate themselves of the SEA program as it was a way to have their unit highlighted for their efforts and hard work.

Corbin closed his brief by introducing attendees to the Property Accountability Virtual Playbook, a new 3D interactive online program that walks logisticians through the process of a property book handoff.

"This is a fantastic teaching tool that shows all Soldiers the importance of property accountability," Corbin said.

The tool offers detailed information on the role and responsibilities of everyone involved in the property book handoff, to include the sub-hand-receipt holder to the brigade commander. Examples of the paperwork involved and properly filled are also included.

"The program shows users the right way to handle a change of command inventory and the way it should be conducted," Corbin said.

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