The Fort Knox Tax Center has been up and running for almost two full months. To date, personnel here have assisted over 1,500 clients and saved Fort Knox taxpayers over $250,000 in tax preparation fees.

With just over a month-and-a-half left until the center will be closed for the year, remaining appointment times are filling up quickly. However, you can always leave your contact information with the front desk to try to get a quick appointment in the case of last-minute cancellations.

Please be sure to have all necessary documents on-hand, including Social Security cards and powers of attorney specifying tax year 2017 if your spouse will not be present and you would like to come in on a cancellation. Otherwise, we will have to reschedule you when you arrive.

Walk-in appointments are available on Fridays on a space-available basis. Don't forget that the Thursday hours have been extended this year -- from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and open 15 minutes prior to fill out the IRS-required intake form. The last appointment of the day is either 5:30 p.m. or 6 p.m., depending on the complexity of your return. We also have lunchtime appointments for added convenience.

If you have already filed taxes for the year, it is not uncommon to realize that you forgot to bring in a document or perhaps are just now receiving an investment statement in the mail. Like everything with taxes, filing an amendment can seem difficult.

Although it would have been easier to bring everything in the first time since the 1040-X cannot be e-filed, there is no need to worry. The Fort Knox Tax Center can help with amendments. You simply need to reach out to the center personnel and say you need to schedule an appointment to complete an amendment. By letting the Tax Center know you need an amendment completed, we can pull your file and be prepared to assist you when you arrive. Please bring your copy of the tax return so we can verify everything in the amendment is correct.

One common reason to do an amendment is if you have received a letter from the IRS regarding unreported income.

Your income from W2s, 1099-Rs, and capital gains is all reported to the IRS. Even if you did not actually receive something, if it is reported to the IRS as your income, you need to bring in the form and include it as income, or request your employer, or financial institution, provides a corrected form. Failure to report income can result in civil or criminal penalties if not addressed.

Some people have also received letters from states regarding withholdings that could not be verified.
All you have to do is send in a copy of the relevant W2 or 1099.

Finally, if credits like education or child credits are denied after you claim them on your tax return and you receive a letter, you can send proof of expenses and try to get that credit instead of having to repay that amount to the IRS.

Do not miss your opportunity for free tax return preparation at the Fort Knox Tax Center. You can reach the center at (502) 624-0044 or drop by. We are located in the basement of Pike Hall, Bldg. 1310, at 3rd Avenue. Our IRS-certified tax preparers look forward to assisting you with filing taxes.