CAMP BUEHRING, KUWAIT -- The 371st Sustainment Brigade is working with its down trace unit, the 1072nd Transportation Company, to save soldiers from accidents with a new program and initiative at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. Safety for soldiers is the first concern of every command. The 371st Sustainment Brigade is working with the 1072nd Transportation Company to implement a new safety program entitled "SAVE" Stop, Assess, Verify and Execute. The reason for the program is to decrease or even stop the increased number of accidents endangering soldiers. "The SAVE initiative is a program to empower all soldiers regardless of rank and experience to stop and address safety issues at any time," said 1st Lt. Daniel Browning, 1072nd Transportation Company platoon leader. "It's really to foster an organizational climate that operationalizes safety and truly makes safety a priority." The program uses the word save in acronym form. The "S" in save stands for the word stop. This allows soldiers regardless of rank, position, or experience level, to be able to stop and ask safety questions and or make necessary corrections to improve safety on sight. The "A" uses the word assess. Once actions stop, soldiers assess the situation and gather a clear understanding of the situation and if a safer situation can be created. "V" in the acronym gets soldiers to verify. This is where unit members must take the time to verify that the proper risk mitigating measures are properly established. This step also allows leaders to provide training value by taking the opportunity to teach, coach and mentor the "why" and "how" can be applied to future operations. Last is the "E" for execute. After verifying that the proper risk mitigating procedures are in place, execute as a trained professional. "The overall desire is an organizational culture that doesn't look down on stopping in order to make sure we are doing everything correctly and safely," said Browning. "We don't want to rush things just to get them done fast." Upon completion, soldiers sign a pledge to carry a "SAVE" card on them at all times. "The 1072nd Transportation Company came up with this and it's a great initiative to go forward with," said Maj. Jason Dancy, 371st Sustainment Brigade, safety officer. "It's going to complement our brigade safety program and something we adapted right away." The greater hope is this program is pushed forward throughout the command with 1st Theater Sustainment Command approval. "It's a flag that doesn't change from rotation to rotation and it's a brand that we can put behind the program itself," said Dancy. "If it's adopted by 1st TSC and U.S. Army Central, it's something that could really prevent accidents and injuries to personnel." The trends show programs like this lower the amount of accidents. "At the end of the day the ultimate goal is that every soldier leaves here with all their fingers and toes, with everyone going home safely at the end of the mission," said Browning.