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USAG DAEGU, South Korea- The United States Army Garrison Daegu 2017 Fall session intern program closing ceremony was held at the Camp Henry Theater, Feb. 23, to congratulate and appreciate the 29 interns who provided more than 20,000 hours of service to the Area IV community over the past six months.

USAG Daegu Commander Col. Robert P. Mann Jr., Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Juan A. Abreu, university administrators and Area IV supervisors attended the ceremony to celebrate the closing of the 26th intern program session. After Mann gave congratulatory remarks, Mrs. Lorne Hwang at Kyungpook National University gave a speech.

"Do you want to be successful or do you want to be really successful? Do you want to know the two keys to be successful?" asked Mrs. Hwang. "First, really successful people have vision. They could see, they believed and they had a vision about their future. They knew they were going to be successful. The second is never stop asking questions. Questions about their families, their colleagues, their employees and themselves. You want to be really successful? Never stop asking questions."

The interns received certificates from Col. Mann and Command Sgt. Maj. Abreu congratulating them for their hard work. The Outstanding Intern Award was presented to Lee, Ji-min who worked at the education center.

Following the ceremony, Sim, Soo-Hyun and Lee, Dong-Hae shared their experiences at USAG Daegu. "Being a USAG Daegu intern was a wonderful job that I can't experience again," said Ms. Sim, Daegu Elementary School Intern. "Hanging out with a lot of American students was a great opportunity. It was quite a short period of time to learn as an intern but I was so thankful that I got this chance. I really miss my students. I worked for kindergarten at 2nd grade and they were so sweet and lovely. If I have a chance to go again, I hope I can work there once a week as a volunteer. That would be great and I hope to see them again."

"I had so many precious relationships that made me a better person" said Lee, Dong-Hae, Public Affairs Office intern. "It was a wonderful experience. I learned and experienced things that I could never have if I was not an intern here at USAG Daegu. I wish I could visit here again to see my co-workers and Camp Henry. I really loved this place. I learned how to take pictures, edit videos and write articles for the newspaper. I loved my supervisor and all the members in the office."

The 26th USAG Daegu intern program began on Sep. 11, 2017. Students came from six universities; Kyungpook National University, Daegu Catholic University, Daegu University, Yeungnam University, Keimyung University and Daegu Haany University. The program facilitated and exposed the students to learning opportunities outside of the classroom environment, allowing them to experience a professional business atmosphere in a different culture. The shared community benefits and the cultural immersion qualities of the program benefit both the Alliance and USFK Good Neighbor Program.

"The intern program is so instrumental," said Mrs. Trixie Delacruz, Education Center Coordinator. "It's a vital asset to our organization. I can't imagine not having it. They're willing to learn and they're here to give insights into some process that we don't necessarily see. We sincerely appreciate having them here."