Another Year of Firsts for the LMP

By U.S. ArmyMarch 6, 2018

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A program in sustainment typically does not tout too many "firsts," but the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) is no typical program. In June, LTC Michael N. Parent embarked on his first product manager (PdM) assignment as the LMP PdM. This year also was the first full year that the Communications -- Electronics Command Software Engineering Center Army shared services center led and managed LMP sustainment activities. Results to date have shown that the sustainment organization is delivering the same stable system performance as the previous contractor, including exceeding industry standards with an average response time of less than two seconds per transaction, an average critical system availability of 99.9 percent and completing approximately 2,500 change requests per quarter.

The largest work effort in 2017 was migration of LMP data centers to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The DISA migration team put in more than 100,000 hours, executed nearly 10,000 lines of tasks and coordinated with more than 200 customers and partners from 17 Army and DOD organizations. Through this effort, LMP became the first Army enterprise resource planning (ERP) program to complete migration and support the DOD strategy to utilize centralized data centers.

Regardless of being in sustainment, 2017 was another year of firsts for LMP as it continues to make history as a leading Army ERP program.