2nd Squadron maintains readiness through gunnery tables
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2nd Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment is participating in gunnery from Feb. 15 -- Mar. 5 in preparation for upcoming Platoon and Troop Live Fire Exercises. Gunnery is an annual training event and is broken down into six firing tables. The first is the Gunnery Skills Test which covers the basics of weapons utilization such as unloading, disassembling, reassembling, and clearing.

"Gunnery is intended to improve marksmanship and increase lethality," said 1st Lt. Cody Pennington, Platoon Leader, Ghost Troop, 2/2CR. "It is very deliberate and methodical, so we have the chance to identify and rehearse solutions for common technical issues that we would face in battle such as weapons calibration, functions checks and malfunction procedures."

The second firing table consists of digital simulations to familiarize the crew with the range and to test fire commands. Tables three through six are conducted on the range itself doing a dry run for proficiency, a blank run on half to three-quarter scale targets and two live fire runs -- , one for practice and one for final qualification.

This training opportunity ensures the soldiers of 2/2CR are qualified on their weapons systems and remain "Always Ready" for future operations.