High on top of ladders in rural Gulfport, Mississippi, you can find Soldiers of Company C, 169st Engineer Battalion, 1st Engineer Brigade volunteering.

Capt. Katherine Huffmyer, commander, recognized the variety of skills her staff members obtained over their time in the Corps of Engineers (most of whom are currently instructing Soldiers in the 12W Carpentry/Masonry MOS) and detected an opportunity.

Service to the community has always been a goal and directive for the company and coordinating company volunteer events with the Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Gulfport, seemed to be the answer

The Soldiers helped with multiple homes in the district that were finishing projects for Habitat for Humanity. The company was tasked to complete the finishing touches of a home that was ready to be sold to a family in need. They painted doors and walls, all the while touching up any areas found to be lacking.

Through the efforts of 12 cadre members, and one Air Force office volunteer, eight hours of work later the house looked ready for occupancy.

(Editor's note: Holt is the Company C executive officer.)