Regional Health Command-Pacific (RHC-P) is enhancing medical readiness through an unlikely avenue -- the human resources department.

RHC-P held a training and leadership summit Feb. 5-9 in Honolulu, Hawaii, where 45 G-1 professionals and select staff came together from across the pacific region to enhance leadership capabilities, increase knowledge-base in the field and to refine hiring and personnel management processes.

"Army hospitals and support units are as good as the doctors and team members that work in them. Our team of G-1 professionals are responsible for bringing in the best of the best so that military members, their families, and retirees get the best healthcare possible," said Col. Samantha Hinchman, RHC-P G-1 director. "When we enhance health, we enhance medical readiness, as well as family wellness. There's a direct correlation there and we have an important role to play in the hiring, retaining and leading of healthcare providers and support staff," she said.

Summit leaders also emphasized the G-1's vision and how RHC-P nested with the Army's Medical Command, which is the higher headquarters for RHC-P. Attendees also received information on the way ahead for military and civilian human resources and how to better coordinate in the execution of tasks.

"We were able to share ideas and processes that enabled us to streamline some functions while pointing out possible issues and how to avoid them," said Daniel Blashill, the chief of military human resources at Medical Activity-Alaska. "The goal is for the RHC-P G-1 folks to attain top proficiency so that we ensure Soldier and civilian readiness," he added.

As part of the agenda, participants also completed a training from the Arbinger Institute, which, according to the foundation's website, equips employees with practical strategies and tools to implement an outward mindset approach to their work.

"It was extremely important for us to include this mentoring and coaching aspect to the summit since enabling excellence starts with leaders who not only embrace an outward mindset but practice it on a daily basis. This training further cultivates a leadership approach that moves beyond conflict resolution to conflict transformation," said Kimberly Reinbrecht, chief of civilian human resources for RHC-P. "This commitment to leadership will no doubt positively impact all aspects of human resources, which, at the end of the day, makes our organization better as we contribute to the medical readiness mission," added Reinbrecht.

About RHC-P: RHC-P's mission is to provide combatant commanders with medically ready forces and ready medical forces conducting health service support in all phases of military operation.